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Jim Andrews
Stefan Müller Arisona & Scheinwerfer
Marcus Bastos
David Cecchetto
Dániel Péter Biró
Dene Grigar
Reva Stone
Jürg Gutknecht
Greg Hermanovic
Doug Jarvis
Leonard Paul
Kristen Roos
Andrew Schloss & Dale Stammen
Atau Tanaka
James Tobias
Jeremy Turner

Sound and Vision
lecture and panel series
 gibson/grigar: when ghosts will die

During this lecture and panel series, scholars, artists, and practitioners working in audio or audio visual based new media will present research in a broad range of audio practices including: interactive, generative or computational audio; the creation of digital audio tools; synchronization between sound and visuals; performative art that explores language, voice and body; streaming radio and mobile sound works.
To read individual briefs, listen to and view media, or access links to further work, please use the lefthand menu.

The IF06 Electro Jam happens Midnight, January 27th, and includes Tom Kuo, Leonard Paul, Steve Gibson, Jackson 2Bears, Scheinwerfer VJ team, Randy Adams, Tanya Doody.



Sound and Vision
lecture and panel series

performance series

Tangible Frequencies

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