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Jim Andrews
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Christopher Moore
Leonard Paul
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David Tinapple & Andrew Johnson
Jonathan Zalben & Marshall Jones

Tangible Frequencies
installation series
 christopher moore - Love + Hate, Life + Death, and Why? Because!

Tangible Frequencies presents audio installation works that consider site, space, vision, volume and perception and how physical location 'matters' to the reception of audio frequencies. IF06 has identified areas within Open Space Gallery to function as controlled locations for sound installations. The installations respond to the particular characteristics of these locations through their acknowledgement of private and/or public space and use.

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IF06 events begin at Open Space Thursday, January 26th, with the Tangible Frequencies installation series at 7:30 pm, Julie Andreyev's Four Wheel Drift (remix) at 9 pm, and the aDemod Media Jam at 10 pm. The IF06 Electro Jam happens Midnight, January 27th, and includes Tom Kuo, Leonard Paul, Steve Gibson, Jackson 2Bears, Scheinwerfer VJ team, Randy Adams, and Tanya Doody.



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Tangible Frequencies
installation series

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