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 tom kuo in performance

Earshot presents experimental audio based performances that challenge assumptions about audio forms and performance conventions. Avant-garde, post-avant-garde, techno, electro acoustic, liminal art, hybrid performance and synaesthetic production, are all within our range. Earshot is primarily interested in electronic audio-visual performance, as well as new models for audience participation in sound works.

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The IF06 Electro Jam happens Midnight, January 27th, and includes Tom Kuo, Leonard Paul, Steve Gibson, Jackson 2Bears, Scheinwerfer VJ team, Randy Adams, Tanya Doody. The Cross-links performance, featuring Greg Hermanovic and Tom Kuo, happens at Open Space at 10 pm on Saturday, January 28th. Greg Hermanovic has been building animation tools for artists for over 20 years. His company Derivative, the creator of TouchDesigner, has worked with Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Michael Snow, Rush, Prada and Herzog and de Meuron. In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the pioneering of modeling in the film industry with PRISMS and Houdini. Tom Kuo, aka Task, is an electronic music performer and multi-medium digital media artist based out of Toronto.



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