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IF06 is part of the:
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival
January 27 - February 5

IF06 is co-sponsored by:
Open Space
Artist-Run Centre

IF06 is part of parallel event:
Digital Art Weeks
ETH Zurich
Summer 2006

Laurel Point Inn
Conference hotel

Paul's Motor Inn
Conference hotel

Audio Visions

Jürg Gutknecht is a computer scientist with a passion for new hybrid art forms, including culturally-oriented "wearable computing" projects.
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Greg Hermanovic of Derivative software is a visionary software-engineer involved in the creation of real-time visual tools. In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the pioneering of modeling in the film industry with PRISMS and Houdini.
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Atau Tanaka is known for his work in interactive music, including performances with biosignal gesture systems. He has conducted research at IRCAM in Paris and was Artistic Ambassador of Apple Computer Europe.
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Sound and Vision
lecture and panel series

performance series

Tangible Frequencies

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