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Greg Hermanovic
Laurel Point Inn
2 pm, Sunday January 29th

 Greg Hermanovic

Greg Hermanovic of Derivative software is a visionary software-engineer involved in the creation of real-time visual tools. In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the pioneering of modeling in the film industry with PRISMS and Houdini. Greg coordinated the realtime animation at SIGGRAPH 98's Interactive Dance Club, and directed special effects for Michael Snow's Corpus Callosum. Derivative’s Touch software, a range of tactile interfaces, brings advanced realtime animation tools to a diverse cross-section of artists, including Richie Hawtin and Rush. Greg will perform live visuals with Toronto-based DJ Tom Kuo.

Website: http://www.derivativeinc.com
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Greg will break down the technologies and techniques of the previous night's performance with Tom Kuo. He will trace the lineage backward in time toward events, technologies, artists and cultures that have had an influence on his work. This will weave in projects he participated in, such as Interactive Dance Club (98), Prada Tokyo Epicenter with architects Herzog & de Meuron (03), Plastikman (04), Rush (02 and 04) and Industry (99-01). As leader of Derivative, the developer of the animation tool TouchDesigner, the talk will also bring in the projects of artists who used TouchDesigner to produce interactive artworks, including Crevice's White Room (02) and Noboru Tsubaki's UN Boy (03).



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