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IF06 is part of the:
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival
January 27 - February 5

IF06 is co-sponsored by:
Open Space
Artist-Run Centre

IF06 is part of parallel event:
Digital Art Weeks
ETH Zurich
Summer 2006

Laurel Point Inn
Conference hotel

Paul's Motor Inn
Conference hotel

Audio Visions
Thurs. Jan. 26th - Sun. 29th, 2006
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

INTERACTIVE FUTURES is a forum for showing recent tendencies in new media art as well as a conference for exploring issues related to technology. The theme of this year's event is Audio Visions.

IF06 will explore new forms of audio-based media art from a diverse body of artists, theorists, and sound practitioners. Sound poetry, web-based audio and multimedia, mobile audio performance, new forms of music theatre, synaesthetic performance, hybrid forms, sound-based installation, video and sound, and environmental sound are all of interest to Audio Visions.

The proliferation of audio technologies, audio-visual collaboration, and hybrid forms of live performance in the new millennium is striking. Audio artists are exploring the areas of mobility, virtuality, performance, and audience interaction from an experimental point-of-view. Audio Visions will feature scholars, sound-artists, and performers of all stripes.

Update (18 September 2007)

Interactive Futures 2007: The New Screen
( November 15 - 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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