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IF06 is part of the:
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival
January 27 - February 5

IF06 is co-sponsored by:
Open Space
Artist-Run Centre

IF06 is part of parallel event:
Digital Art Weeks
ETH Zurich
Summer 2006

Laurel Point Inn
Conference hotel

Paul's Motor Inn
Conference hotel

Travel Information
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Air Travel to Victoria
Air Travel to Victoria is generally via a connecting flight through Vancouver, BC or Seattle-Tacoma, Washington.

Air Via Vancouver
Passengers traveling via Vancouver can book a
connecting flight to Victoria with Air Canada:

Travelers arriving by air in Victoria should note that the Victoria airport is located quite a distance out of town (circa 30 km, or 20 miles).

A cab ride from Victoria Airport to downtown Victoria will run around $45 or so. There is also a shuttle service that is much cheaper (circa $15).

Air to Vancouver, Bus and Ferry to Victoria
Many travelers choose to fly to Vancouver and the take the Pacific Coach Lines bus to downtown Victoria via BC Ferries. This is a relatively inexpensive option and the ferry trip is quite spectacular. The schedule for this service is listed at:

Air Via Seattle-Tacoma
Passengers traveling via Seattle will be able to get a connecting flight to Victoria on Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air:

Air to Seattle-Tacoma, High-speed boat to Victoria
The Victoria Clipper high-speed boat is a service that runs from downtown Seattle to downtown Victoria. Travelers will have to catch a shuttle from Seattle-Tacoma airport to the Victoria Clipper dock in downtown Seattle. The service can be booked at:

Passports and Visas
All travelers from outside of Canada should make sure they have a valid up-to-date passport. Visitors from certain countries will also require a Visitor's Visa. Information about this can be obtained at:

Weather in the Pacific Northwest is relatively mild compared to the rest of Canada and the Northern United States. Even then, weather can fluctuate rather dramatically here. You need to be prepared for rain, snow and/or sun. Strong winds are also a factor here in the winter. Generally the temperature in January will be around 5 C (40 F) in the day and around 0 C (32 F) in the evening. Temperatures could range between about -10 C (14 F) and 13 C (55 F) in extreme circumstances. Gloves, a rain jacket, boots and an umbrella are recommended. .

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