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Keynote - Jürg Gutknecht
Laurel Point Inn
9:30 am, Saturday January 28th

 Jürg Gutknecht

Jürg Gutknecht is a computer scientist with a passion for new hybrid art forms. He has actively participated in culturally-oriented "wearable computing" projects, including "Instant Gain in Grace" (motion tracking of a Butoh dancer), "Going Publik" (distributed orchestra based on mobile electronic scoring), and "On the Sixth Day" (multi-channel video system for interactive storytelling). Together with Sound Artist, Art Clay, he organizes the Digital Art Weeks which offers performances and provides courses in the areas of computer-aided art and music.


Mobile Computing & the New Arts
The early polymusic experiments of Charles Ives’s father with marching bands crossing at intersections and his son’s further adoption of it, proves that an interest in exploring mobility in the arts has fascinated us even before electronic devices were made available. With the development of modern communication systems the opportunity to not only interact with local surroundings, but to do so for the first time in history on a global level is inherent and now an integral part of the basic communications gear available to the general public. Global networking systems such as GPS amongst other forms of information transfer have created a ubiquitous environments with which previous concepts of space get transcended as the division between private, public, local and global space dissolve. Using wearable computing technology as an art tool within these networks now allows interacting with society as part of a collective. This bears significance for the creator of mobile art and also for its recipient participants who likewise realize that personal space endowed with added points to a global culture of the self in which the individual can not only act locally but also globally.



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