Interactive Futures – 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 – 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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All papers will be presented at the The Bedford Regency Hotel (1140 Government St., Pegasus Room 1st floor. Ph. 250-384-6835). See schedule page for dates and times and map.

Stefan Müller Arisona
Semi-Automatic Content Editing Techniques in the Context of Multimedia Live Performance  [abstract & bio]

John F. Barber
Digital Archiving and The New Screen [abstract & bio]

David Cecchetto
Skewed Remote Musical Performance and the Posthuman [abstract & bio]

Dene Grigar
The Present [Future] of Electronic Literature [abstract & bio]

Carolyn Guertin
Beyond the Threshold: The Dynamic Interface As Permeable Technology [abstract & bio]

Ted Hiebert
Delirious Screens: Flesh Shadows of Cool Technology [abstract & bio]

Peter Horvath
Web cinema, interactive art, multimedia art [lecture/performance]

Carolyn Lee Kane
The Synthetic Aesthetics of Electronic Color [cancelled]

Maria Lantin
Mapping Group Conversations [abstract & bio]

Kirby Malone & Gail Scott White
Live Movies [abstract & bio]

Leonard J. Paul
Video Game Audio Prototyping with Half-Life 2 [abstract & bio]

Simon Schubiger-Banz
Large Screen Interaction in Public Space: TowerTalk and NVOA [abstract & bio]

Sue Thomas
The Transliterate Screen [abstract & bio]