Interactive Futures - 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 - 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Peter Horvath

Web cinema, interactive art, multimedia art

Peter Horvath will discuss the Internet as medium for narrative based and abstract video work or web cinema (using his work as examples); the use of fragmented approaches to narrative structure within the multi-windowed browser environment; his interest in the relational aspects of the medium (one to one x 50,000); and the web’s capacity to facilitate a direct relationship with an individual viewer on his or her own terms.


In Boulevard we follow a striking woman, the passenger of a convertible car, driven by an unidentified driver through the city, passing its generic streets, billboards and motels, with an unknown destination …



Peter Horvath works in video, sound, photo and new media. Camera in hand since age 6, he inhaled darkroom fumes until his late 20‘s, then began exploring time based art processes. He immersed himself in digital technologies at the birth of the Web, co-founded, a site for, and adopted techniques of photomontage which he uses in his .net and print based works.

Exhibitions include the Whitney Museum Of American Art‘s Artport, the 18th Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (Sâo Paulo, Brazil), Video Zone International Video Art Biennial (Tel Aviv, Israel), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Québec City, Canada), as well as venues in New York, Tokyo, London, and numerous showings. He is the recipient of commissions from at The New Museum, NYC (2005) and New Radio and Performing Arts, Boston (2004). A founding member of the collective, he likes to consider a future when high bandwidth will be free.





Selected Media

Corridors: a web film by Peter Horvath
With musical contribution by Wild Strawberries, and appearances by Ken Harrison, Roberta Carter Harrison and Pamela Neal.



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