Interactive Futures - 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 - 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Photocollagen will be an installation by Chris Joseph using the screen to channel a digital Prometheus, remixing the artists and presenters of IF07 in a continuously (d)evolving chimera: a virtual identity mashup in perpetual motion.


A representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material.


1. A composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface.
2. A work composed of both borrowed and original material.


The fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue.


Chris Joseph is a British/Canadian writer and artist who works primarily with electronic text, audio and image; editor of the post-dada magazine and network, and a founding member of the 404, a group of digital and traditional artists working with new medias and the internet. He is presently Digital Writer in Residence at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Monfort University, Leicester, UK.


See also: Devil’s Rope Journal, The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable redux, Kate Pullinger

Selected Media

Confused? Photocollagen will look something like this:

…but using the faces of artists and presenters at Interactive Futures.

Random fact: Prosopagnosia (sometimes known as face blindness) is a rare disorder of face perception where the ability to recognize faces is impaired, although the ability to recognize objects may be relatively intact.


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