Interactive Futures – 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 – 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Devil’s Rope Journal

In the spirit of open collaboration, several media artists from around the world have agreed to work together using open source blogging software to present and remix audio pieces, Flash animations, digital images, visual poetry and texts. The remix can be viewed as an online journal of digital art and writing – alive and media rich. It is a place for discovery and exploration – we learn from one another. The remix started in November 2006 and has grown to include over 300 individual works of media art. Most of the pieces use material already on the site. All source code is made available and each work references the source material. New material is sometimes posted, but it is usually related conceptually to other remix pieces.

Three members of the remix will present work developed from material on the blog. Entitled The Devil’s Rope Journal (an irregular journal with barbs at regular intervals), Randy Adams (Can), babel (Can/UK) and Christine Wilks (UK) will screen, perform and discuss the material, which will include a CD pre-release.

Presenter Bios

babel aka Chris Joseph is a British/Canadian writer and artist who works primarily with electronic text, audio and image; editor of the post-dada magazine and network, and a founding member of the 404, a group of digital and traditional artists working with new medias and the internet. He is presently Digital Artist in Residence, Institute of Creative Technologies, De Monfort University, Leicester, UK.

crissxross aka Christine Wilks creates works for the web and occasionally live performance and installation. She also writes fiction, screenplays and has made a number of short films and videos. As a freelancer, she designs and produces e-learning resources and courses, and teaches creative media workshops.

runran aka Randy Adams is a Canadian media artist, with a background in creative writing, journalism and visual arts. His photography and mixed media work has been exhibited and collected by public galleries, museums, and archives. Over the past 20 years, he has been awarded several grants for both writing and photography. For the past decade he has extended his practice into the digital arts, fashioning hypermedia and animations for the web and live performance. From 2002 through 2006 he served as Associate Editor for the trAce Online Writing Centre, based at the Nottingham Trent University in England, commissioning and editing reviews of digital writing and new media. He has presented creative work online for 10 years using the nom de plume runran.

Visit the remix for more details.

Selected Media


Based on Octavio Paz’s book Double Flame: Love and Eroticism




  1. runran Says:
    IF07 presentation   IF07 presentation

    The Devils’ Rope Journal pre-release mix presented live by babel, crissxross & runran at the Interactive Futures 2007 conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, November 15th.

    IF07 presentation   IF07 presentation

    The remix remixed live during VJ extravaganza, Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable, at Interactive Futures 2007. Musicians: Adam R. Tindale & Robin Davies of, i send data live.

    Photographs by Garth Rankin of Guerrilla Galleries.
  2. Chris Joseph » Back from Interactive Futures Says:

    […] and gossip there is an ongoing documentation page on the IF07 site. Christine Wilks (part of our “Devil’s Journal” CD/performance trio) has also written a great report of the event […]

  3. runran Says:

    The Devil’s Rope Journal is now available for download in zip format, including versions for both Mac and PC.

  4. R3//1X//0RX » Blog Archive » announced: the devils rope journal Says:

    […] its inception in November 2006, R3//1X//0RX has been presented at IF07 (The New Screen), featured at JavaMuseum –> a+b=ba?, and we dropped several pieces into the Digital Fringe. Three […]

  5. Interactive Futures 2007 at crissXross / wilX Says:

    […] be attending Interactive Futures in Canada next week to take part in a live presentation of The Devil’s Rope Journal (an irregular journal with barbs at regular intervals) with Randy Adams (aka runran) and Chris Joseph (aka babel). The Devil’s Rope has developed […]

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