Interactive Futures – 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 – 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Kate Pullinger

From Print to Screen and Beyond: Digital Fiction and the Networked Book

Kate Pullinger has a long history as a novelist and short story writer, having published five novels and two books of short stories in Canada and the UK, as well as in translation. She has also written for film, television and radio. In 2002 she spent a year as Research Fellow at the trAce Online Writing Centre, where she was given the opportunity to explore digital narrative forms. Since that time she has collaborated on a number of digital fiction projects, including Branded, a collaboration with Talan Memmott, and The Breathing Wall, a collaboration with babel and Stefan Schemat. Pullinger’s primary aim as a writer has always been to craft well-told stories with involving, believable characters; in her keynote Pullinger will discuss how this aim translates when writing across many forms of media, from print fiction – including her most recent novel, A Little Stranger – to her on-going project, the award-winning episodic digital novel ‘Inanimate Alice.

For Pullinger the divide between the digital and print worlds is artificial; she has always worked across many forms. However, there are very few established fiction writers who work in both print and digital, at least in terms of creating born-digital fiction projects like Pullinger and Joseph’s Inanimate Alice. Many book writers, like print publishers, remain mired in decade-old arguments and anxieties about the future of the book, some of which are dead-ends (the death of the book) and some of which are very important (the future of copyright). Although Pullinger participates in discussions of these issues, her primary interest is in making a living from creating work whether it is digital or print.

In this keynote Pullinger will also discuss Flight Paths, a new collaboration with Chris Joseph, a networked book that is living and growing online, a novel that is created, researched, and discussed online before the first page has been written. She will also discuss her experience of writing Venus Redemption, a computer game aimed at women who play casual games online.


Scene from Inanimate Alice


Inanimate Alice:
The Breathing Wall:
Venus Redemption:

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