Interactive Futures - 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 - 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable redux

10.30 pm Sat. Nov. 17, Open Space

Featuring: robot_mixeur (Zurich, Switzerland), babel (London, UK; Montreal), Simon Schubiger (Zurich, Switzerland), Jackson 2Bears (Victoria), Love&Olson (Victoria), Adam Tindale (Calgary), FWDrift [remix]_lite (Vancouver), Steve Gibson (Victoria); ?

An indulgent explosion of electronic music, visual phantasma and free improvisation comes to Interactive Futures 07. Featuring multiple screens of optical hysteria mastered by the sublime talents of Love&Olson, babel, and 4 Wheel Drift Redux. These delights will be equally mashed with the adulterated beats of robot_mixeur, the deep drum and bass of Jackson 2Bears, the laboratory approved electronica of Adam Tindale and the furious techno of Steve Gibson. A digital aberration on the scale of it’s 1960s namesake, this circus of light and sound presents itself for your explicit enjoyment for one night only.


FWDrift [remix]_lite

FWDrift [remix] is an, improvisational multi-media performance using audio and video recordings generated by a custom-equipped, data-gathering car driven through the city. In preparation for the performance, video and sound of the city, and sound within the private/social space of the car—the engine sounds, conversations, the choice of music played on the car’s stereo—are recorded. Cameras and interactive technologies provide recorded video imagery of the city manipulated by the interaction of the car and driver. These video and audio records are the playlist used to generate a live video panorama and a musical soundscape during a FWDrift [remix] performance. For the _lite version, instead of creating a specific Toronto drive, we used video and sound archives from drives conducted over the past 2 years in Zurich, Vancouver, Victoria, New York, and Montreal.

The project contributes to experimental practices by artists, such as the Situationists International (1957-1972). The Situationists used the nautical metaphor ”dérive” (drift) to imagine (as a psychogeographical sea) traffic flows and pedestrian routes that avoid the mechanistic functioning of the capitalist city. A FWDrift [remix] performance maps the urban landscape using representations of the city interwoven with aspects of the car’s motion and its private and social space. That which is private – the space of the car – becomes public, and a tool for commentary about the city.


Performance team:
Julie Andreyev; VJ
Simon Overstall; DJ

Project team:
Julie Andreyev, artist
Sean Arden, installation
Simon Overstall, programming
Hyuma Frankowski, industrial design
Sandra Hanson, graphic design
Jordan Benwick, technical collaboration

The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of:

• The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
• The Canada Council for the Arts
• The British Columbia Arts Council
• The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
• Emily Carr Institute

Previous FWDrift [remix] performances


• Digital Art Weeks, Zurich;
• Computational Poetics Conference, Vancouver;
• Interactive Futures, Victoria. 2005
• Pace Digital Gallery, New York;
• Elektra Festival, Montreal.

Jackson 2bears is a Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk) multimedia artist and theorist currently based in Victoria B.C. Canada. 2bears’ installation works have been exhibited nationally in artist-run centres, and public galleries, and in group exhibitions internationally. He has performed his multimedia works across Canada and has released several recordings on CD and DVD in both solo and collaborative contexts. From 2000 - 2003 2bears scored several independent films, including the award wining short-feature Bloodriver by Kent Monkman and Urbannation. He is also a co-founder of Toronto based artist collective Liminal Projects, and Victoria based collective Fort 9. Jackson is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Victoria.

babel is a British/Canadian writer and artist who works primarily with electronic text, audio and image; editor of the post-dada magazine and network 404, a group of digital and traditional artists working with new medias and the internet.


Justin Love is a rogue scientist and media artist from Canada whose current work and interests include: live video performance, computing and aesthetics, artificial lifeforms, physical computing, and game art.

Jim Olson (aka. robotoverlord) is a visual artist and designer living in Victoria, BC. Jim explores non-linear narratives, using both established and experimental technolgies to create new experiences. As a postcyberpunk his work explores the central theme of technology as society. (Olson designed the IF07 banner and website sidebar image. He has recently completed his new design for Open Space’s website.)


Justin Love and Jim Olson, EPI, Zurich July 2007

Adam Tindale is an electronic drummer and instrument designer. He instucts Interaction Design at the Alberta College of Art and Design. He performs on the EDrumset: an electronic instrument that utilizes physical modeling with an intuitive physical interface. He has completed a Bachelor of Music from Queen’s University, a Masters of Music Technology from McGill University, and is currently pursuing an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. at the University of Victoria. His passion is performing on the EDrumset, which will be highlighted during the EPI gig.


adam tindale
Adam Tindale: i send data live, IF06



Simon Schubiger-Banz works as a senior software engineer, teaches a mobile systems architecture course at ETHZ, and is an associate researcher of the Pervasive and Artificial Intelligence group (PAI) at the University of Fribourg (DIUF). His research interests include multimedia performance systems, knowledge representation, programming languages, user interface design, and mobile computing. He is a co-developer of the Soundium2 multi-media platform and the NOVA software. Simon Schubiger-Banz received a Ph. D. in computer science from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He is a member of the ACM and president of the Corebounce Association.

Stefan Müller Arisona is lecturer and post-doctoral researcher at the Computer Systems Institute of ETH Zurich, Switzerland and scientific chair of ETH’s Digital Art Weeks. His main interests are at the intersections of art and technology, and in particular in the domain of live digital art. His research focuses on novel real-time multimedia systems and on live media composition and performance techniques. He is a founding member of Corebounce and co-author of the multimedia authoring software Soundium, which is frequently used for digital art installations and live performances by himself and his collaborators. A recent work, the Digital Marionette, is currently installed at the Ars Electronica Center’s permanent exhibition. Recently, Stefan was granted a two-year research fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) and will be researcher at Media Arts and Technology (MAT) of the University of California, Santa Barbara from October 2007.


Corebounce, EPI, Open Space, 2006




Jackson 2bears:
Julie Andreyev (FWDrift [remix]_lite): see IF07 curator page
babel: [See also Chris Joseph]
Steve Gibson: see IF07 curator page
robot_mixteur: [See also Stefan Müller Arisona & Simon Schubiger-Banz]

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