Interactive Futures – 2007

Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 – 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Chris Joseph

[ see also Kate Pullinger, Photocollagen, Devil’s Rope Journal, The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable redux ]




[:::alisoncam::: alison Рalison darcy ::: camera Рolivier choini̬re]

[:::IF2007[re]statement::: for remix_runran ::: flash source – IF2007restatement.fla, 48KB]


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  1. runran Says:

    Hello Chris,

    Living by the sea, we have decided to go with The New Oyster. We considered The New Orgasm, but decided it would generate too much spam. We tossed The New Jargon around for awhile, but it caused confusion. We thought about using The New Tissue, but the concept became too thin, and a bit soggy.

    Seriously, though, could you say something about what you will be screening?



  2. Chris Joseph Says:

    Hey Randy,

    the world premiere of Inanimate Alice, Episode 4 will be on Thursday night… episodes 1-3 are available online at if you want to catch up on Alice’s adventures so far :)

    Just before that screening you and I will be talking about the Devil’s Rope Journal CD, a taste of the digital art mashups that having been happening this year at remix_runran.

    Then on Saturday night we’ll be remixing each other’s work live with some VJ madness at Open Space – The Exploding, Plastic & Inevitable redux.

    And whenever possible I’ll be slipping sneaky snippets of digital dada on to your idle screens, courtesy of

  3. Chris Joseph Says:

    And finally there is Photocollagen, a piece to be created while I’m there at IF. Get your best photo face ready ;)

  4. runran Says:

    —> you forgot to mention the spoken word piece we’re scripting for you to perform while table dancing with a robot


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