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Interactive Futures 2007 ( November 15 - 17 ) Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Kikit Visuosonic

KikiT VisuoSonic Performance

For the last 18 months KikiT VisuoSonic has been developing innovative software enabling live improvisations between sonic and digital artists. The project has been growing in complexity moving out from the animation of vector graphics to bitmap graphics to the incorporation of live video to live generated 3D to live generated 3D with live video. In addition to experiments with a variety of visual forms the team has also incorporated the triggering of other instruments including trumpet, drums, human voice and sonic/visual inputs from audiences.

KikiT applications provide the interface that allows sonic artists to create digital projections using structures initially created in the software. These projections are viewed by the sonic artists and then further developed in performance, enabling positive feedback in real-time.

We will perform a multi-screen (3) version of KikiT VisuoSonic. This will be of a similar scope to our recent performance in Nassogne, Luxemburg. However, KikiT VisuoSonic is also enthusiastic about possible collaborations. We use the concept of ‘found artists’ to enable the input from artists indigenous to the performance location. This has been achieved to great effect in UK, Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain so far. Thus we would welcome a discussion regarding possible collaborations at the Interactive Futures Conference. The KikiT architecture is robust enough to support a wide range of one-off/longer term partnerships.

* KikiT VisuoSonic is real-time interactive enabling sonic artists to interact by stimulating, creating and responding to the visual output. Thus the composite is unique with each performance.

* Live generated Shockwave 3D objects animated in real-time through frequency analysis e.g. ‘KikiT in Space’ features 1000 particles per second produced with colour variations relating to the frequencies analysed.

* Live video applied to Shockwave 3D objects. It is our intention to premier the use of live video with frequency analysis at the Interactive Futures Conference.


Maurice Owen is Professor of Fine Art and Director of the Centre for Advanced Scholarship in Art and Design, in the Faculty of Media Arts and Society, Southampton Solent University. His two main research interests are Cultural Memory and VisuoSonics. He is also a saxophonist and has conducted sonic research in collaboration with the improvising music groups Eye and Ear Control and more recently T.I.M.E: The Improvising Musical Ensemble.

Russell Richards is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Media Arts and Society, Southampton Solent University. He has written on digital aesthetics and interactivity: ‘An Aesthetic or Anaesthetic? Developing a Digital Aesthetics of Production’, Journal of Media Practice 5 (3) March 2005 and ‘Users, Interactivity and Generation’ New Media and Society 8 (4) August 2006. Richards’ digital artwork includes, a virtual installation, a music generator installation, a digital art creation application, a gas cloud generator and a generative music installation.

Since November 2005, Owen and Richards have been working together on real-time VisuoSonic research. This has focused upon inter-relating sonics produced by a variety of instruments and live-generated digital art triggered by frequency analysis. They are particularly interested in the potential of real-time digital performance.


KikiT VisuoSonic:

Selected Media

A KikiT Workshop



  1. runran Says:

    I am curious as to what kind of collaborations you are seeking, and what you mean by ‘found artists’?


    Randy Adams.

  2. kikit Says:

    The form of collaboration we are seeking is in terms of a sonic artist/musician. We have worked with a wide range of sonic artists and musicians inc a soprano and a brass ensemble.

    Found artists’ are people that are close by that we can seduce into being part of our performance. It should be noted that are ilk is freeform jazz.

  3. runran Says:

    Will you be looking for visual collaborations as well, or are your visuals preset in the software?

  4. kikit Says:

    Visual input can go in from webcam in the space - otherwise we supply the graphical elements.



  5. kikit Says:

    We use a lot of webcam in of what is in location. Other than that the visuals are ‘preset’ to some degree.

    We are working with a dance group to do a joint show in UK incorporating the dance in the visuals…

    So little is excluded.



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